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ADHD and autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are common childhood disorders often lasting into adulthood. These disorders frequently co-occur. People with these disorders are at high risk for problems in many areas of life. Their school performance suffers, they have difficulties forming and maintaining social relationships and, for ADHD, are at risk for accidents

You can help by supporting the Fund for Education and Research in Neuropsychiatry (FERN) and the following three areas of ADHD and autism research currently underway in the Faraone lab at Upstate Medical University.

Support ADHD and Autism Research and Education


The ADHD Evidence Project, www.ADHDevidence.org, seeks to improve the lives of people with ADHD by curating, disseminating and promoting scientifically researched and evidence-based conclusions about the disorder to patients, families and clinicians.

Your gift of support to The ADHD Evidence Project will help Dr. Faraone in his efforts to improve the lives of ADHD patients and their families.

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