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Research Projects

Behavioral adherence in emerging adults with type 2 diabetes: Ancillary study.

  • PI: Trief
  • Type 2 diabetes in youth is a growing public health problem and a serious concern in minority and poor communities. This large clinical trial studies youth with type 2 diabetes, known as TODAY, has been ongoing and will continue for 5 more years. In this ancillary study, we seek to develop a rich understanding of factors related to medication adherence and healthcare visit attendance for young adults with type 2 diabetes, to help us develop effective ways to help them succeed in their diabetes self-management.

Improving Diabetes Outcomes:  The Diabetes Support Project

  • PI: Trief
  • Studies have shown that intensive blood sugar control can reduce or forestall serious diabetes-related complications. However, innovative interventions need to be developed that can help patients achieve good, and lasting, control. We know that strong family and marital bonds help patients manage diabetes. The purpose of this study is to test whether an intervention that targets the couple and their relationship leads to better, and more lasting, improvements in blood sugar control than one that focuses only on the individual. This study is highly innovative as it is the first to address the couple as the target of the intervention. This study is also significant because we propose to deliver the intervention by telephone to increase reach to more diverse and larger numbers of patients. The specific aims are to measure the relative benefits of a couple’s intervention compared to an individual intervention and usual care.