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Research Projects

Profiling the Functional Genetics of Health and Disease using BrainGENIE: The Brain Gene Expression and Network Imputation Engine

  • PI: Stephen J. Glatt
  • The goal of this project is to develop and validate algorithms that allow for the imputation and prediction of gene-expression levels in ten different brain regions based on transcriptome characteristics measured and derived from peripheral blood samples.

 The Alcohol-Pain Connection: Mechanisms and Genetic/Psychological Correlates.

  • Co-PI: Glatt
  • The goal of the study is to examine several complex and potentially bidirectional relations between pain and alcohol in one overarching model. The specific aims are: 1) to test both pharmacological and expectancy effects in acute alcohol analgesia among humans; (2) test pain as a proximal antecedent of urge to drink and ad lib alcohol consumption, and to test whether acute analgesic effects predict pain-induced alcohol urge/consumption; (3) to test associations between study outcomes and candidate genetic polymorphisms that have been implicated in pain-alcohol processes; and (4) to conduct exploratory analyses of gender and pain relevant cognitive-affective factors as moderators of these outcomes.

Genetic Predictors, Transcriptomic Biomarkers, & Neurobiological Signatures of Resilience to Alzheimer's Disease.

  • The goal of this project is to identify genes, molecules, and brain structures that protect some people from their otherwise-elevated risk for Alzheimer’s disease.