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SUNY-STCN (Student Tele-Counseling Network)

SUNY STCNDo you attend college at one of our participating SUNY college campuses (SUNY OCC, Oneonta, Oswego, or Polytech)?  

Need a specialist?

It is often difficult to access specialist mental health treatment at College. Counseling clinics may be full with a wait-list, or can only offer a very few counseling sessions. Access to psychiatrists or to specialized psychotherapy can be varied depending on location. To address these problems, SUNY Upstate Medical University Department of Psychiatry will offer remote tele-counseling and tele-psychiatry interventions to students at select SUNY campuses.

In partnership with the clinicians at your counseling center we will offer 3 types of remote service.

  1. A state of the art diagnostic assessment with specific treatment recommendations.
  2. Brief (10-session) structured evidence-based psychotherapies.
  3. Medication management, until your ongoing care can be continued by a local prescriber.

Tele-counseling and tele-psychiatry sessions will be done on campus, linking to SUNY Upstate clinicians using a secure audio/video app (www.Doxy.Me). Scheduled sessions will be just the same as those provided in a provider’s office, only done remotely on a laptop or iPad.

Therapy and Psychiatry sessions will be billed to your health insurance by SUNY Upstate. Prior to starting, we will check your coverage, giving you specific information on any out of pocket costs (deductibles, copayments etc.). You will be asked to sign a consent form outlining the nature of the services we will provide, the billing process and any potential financial obligations you may incur.

If you are interested in receiving tele-psychiatry services, please contact your school's counseling center directly.

Local staff will help you:

  1. Check your insurance is active and valid, and provide a written estimate of any costs
  2. Sign up for the remote secure patient portal (My Chart).
  3. Schedule the initial appointment
  4. Complete online forms and assessments prior to your appointment
  5. Deal with any technical problems or emergencies during the session
  6. Schedule follow-up appointments
  7. Arrange for ongoing care after tele-counseling and/or tele-psychiatry treatment is complete

Dr Lucas STCN