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Usha Satish, PhD

4706 Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences Bldg TU3
713 Harrison Street
Syracuse, NY 13210
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Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences


Professor Satish studies the use of man-machine simulation methodologies to assess and train human factors and productivity across many fields. This methodology is used worldwide to measure decision making and critical thinking in people both in clinical and non-clinical settings. These simulations focus on higher order cognitive processes, that impact decision making and include such functions as initiation, information management, planning, strategy, problem solving and flexibility. These skills are important for adaptation and productivity in real world situations and are closely aligned with employees’ actual work functions. Her work includes understanding the impact of environmental variables on decision making; the impact of different pharmaceutical agents on thinking abilities and the impact of burden of disease on critical thinking. She is also actively involved in use of this methodology in metacognitive training of health care professionals. Her contributions to the field are considered seminal and have impacted the understanding of the interactions of the environment and metacognition in different fields.


PhD: LaSalle University, 1997
Internship: National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, India, 1987
MPH: Bangalore University, India, 1987, Medical and Social Psychology
MA: University of Delhi, India, 1985
BA: University of Delhi, India, 1983, Psychology


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