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What Residents Are Saying

Below is a small compilation of kudos we have received from residents over the past few years. We decided to share some of their decisions for choosing our program along with some of their experiences as a resident in our program.



From left: K. Walia, A. Werner, G. Gabbard,
J. Deitz

"What sets Upstate apart is its continued emphasis on training residents in therapy. Whether it's learning tried and tested modalities such as CBT and DBT, to the nuances of psychodynamic psychotherapy, residents can walk away with a well-rounded experience. And then there is Dynamic Deconstructive Psychotherapy (DDP); how many psychiatry departments can brag about being the birthplace of an entire therapeutic modality that has now received national recognition as a best practice? And then there's Upstate Frame of Mind. How many departments can boast a resident-produced podcast? Not many."

-Faiz Kidwai, DO. Class of 2024


white water rafting
Resident white water rafting retreat 2017

"There are several reasons why I chose upstate. The program has much to offer, and you can decide how much you want to pursue! There are various treatment approaches with a strong focus on psychotherapy, numerous research opportunities, and a robust supportive environment for growth and learning. Working with adults, children and adolescents, and veterans, we get adequate exposure to various cases, which makes me confident about working as a psychiatrist right after training."

-Pratik Jain, MBBS. Class of 2026