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What Residents Are Saying

Below is a small compilation of kudos we have received from residents over the past few years. We decided to share some of their decisions for choosing our program along with some of their experiences as a resident in our program.

"Upstate has provided me with a strong background in psychiatry, and I will leave here feeling very well prepared for the attending world. The exposure to three different kinds of hospitals (Upstate, VA, and Hutchings) has been invaluable. I have received a broad and rich background in psychopharmacology and psychotherapy. I like my fellow residents. Residents here are dedicated to their patients and are fun to work with. Without a doubt, I would choose to come to this program if I had it to do all over again." Joe Dietz, Class 2012


From left: K. Walia, A. Werner, G. Gabbard,
J. Deitz

"The faculty make learning extremely interesting with a practical based approach. The idea of the lectures is not just to cram information down our throats but to teach us how to think for ourselves. Though this seems trivial on the surface, I believe it can be the difference between being a good psychiatrist and a great psychiatrist." Senior Resident, Class 2013

"My decision for choosing Upstate was pretty easy after doing an acting internship here. I worked with faculty that were amazing at their job and loved to teach. The residents were a lot of fun. Psychotherapy plays a huge role in their curriculum which is very important to me. I knew I would become the type of psychiatrist I wanted to be after finishing residency here at Upstate." Bonny Patel, Class of 2016

white water rafting
Resident white water rafting retreat 2017

"The residency program at SUNY Upstate is superb. The faculty are down to earth, approachable, and go out of their way to help cultivate whatever your professional interests are. Support staff are friendly as well. The program does an excellent job balancing work, home life, and professional growth while developing a sense of community and agency." Rob Nastasi, Class of 2013