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Family Systems Therapy Training Programs


PGY II Residents Family Therapy Seminar Series, with John Manring 8 sessions.

  • This seminar series introduces basic concepts.
  • Introduces family therapy as a different way of thinking.
  • Introduces skills for clinical work with families.

Child Residents Family therapy Seminar Series — 8 sessions.

  • Advanced topics in clinical work with families, focussing more specifically on child-related problems.
  • Includes guest leaders from other disciplines.

Family Genogram Series for PGY III Residents — with Wanda Fremont
Family Genogram Series for Child Residents
— with Wanda Fremont

  • Each series consists of four seminars in which participants learn to develop their family of origin genograms and then present them to the group, with discussion. The seminars expand the foundations for thinking about and working with the family components of psychiatric problems. More importantly, it provides a quasi-therapeutic group experience for learners.
Group Supervision for Department and Hospital Staff
  • Or Group Supervision for Department Trainees and Group Consultation for Hospital Staff.
  • 4B Family/Experiential Therapy Program.

Chronic Illness Center — Daivid Keith, MD & Joel Potash, MD

  • The chronic illness center is a family systems based consultation clinic which provides long psychotherapy for some patients with chronic illness.
  • The interviews are observed by medical students and other trainees, following by discussion on the interview process and issues related to chronic illness.

Experiential Bamily therapy Consultation Interview - Inpatient Psychiatry

  • Weekly family interview/experiential therapy consultation with post-session discussion on the Inpatient Psychiatry Unit.


Consultation Group — 8-12 community practitioners.

  • Fee-based sign up for eight bi-weekly sessions

Workshop Series

Bodies, Minds, Illness, Life, Death & Families — David Keith, MD

  • Eight two-hour sessions over an eight week period.
  • This eight-session workshop will begin with participants (two per session) presenting their family genograms, focusing on the family's experience with illness and death. The last two sessions will take the form of group supervision where participants are invited to dialogue about clinical experiences with illness, the body and death in psychotherapy. Throughout, the workshop leader will introduce literature and other materials as stimulus.

Family Therapeutics: Crisis and Chaos in the Modern World — David Keith, MD

  • One-day workshop on the uses of family therapy in clinical work. The workshop will include lecture discussion, video samples of clinical work and role-play laboratory work on therapist-family interactions.

Family Therapy and the Symbolization of Experience — David V. Keith, MD

  • One-day workshop. Participants will learn about symbolism and its persistent role in language, how to heighten therapist consciousness so as to enable therapists of any discipline to listen for and interact clinically at a non-rational level of interaction.

Zen & Therapeutic Consciousness — Phoebe Prosky

Creativity as Therapeusis: The Jazz Consultation in Family and Couples Therapy

  • Amy Begel, of the Minuchin Center in New York City is a jazz pianist and vocalist in addition to being a family therapist. She wondered what her jazz piano teacher would think of a family therapy session. she hit upon the idea of having two jazz musicians watch a twenty-minute family interview. then the pianist and bass player came into the room with the family and played improvisational music off of what they heard from the family.

The Biological Context of Family Therapeusis — Douglas Kramer, MD

Constructing Theory: Theory and Relation to Therapeusis and Praxis — Gary Connell, PhD

Therapeusis and the Cultural Interface — Lee Combrinck-Graham, MD

Marriage/Couples: Therapy/Research — William Bumberry, PhD