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Our Award-Winning Faculty & Teaching

Highlighted below is a snapshot of just some of our outstanding faculty.

Robert J. Gregory

Dr. Robert Gregory has earned both national and international recognition for his ground-breaking clinical work with patients who suffer from treatment-resistant borderline personality disorder. The treatment he developed, Deconstructive Dynamic Psychotherapy (DDP), is one of the first types of psychodynamic psychotherapy to be listed on the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) National Registry of Evidence-based Practices and Programs. One of the internationally acclaimed researchers in this field, Dr Bateman, writes that "his ideas are innovative because he is trying to link specific neuro-cognitive functions that form the basis for a coherent sense of self with the pathology of borderline personality disorder. There are few people who link neuroscience through to clinical practice."

Dr. Steven Faraone
We boast one of the most prolific and influential research psychologists in the world, Dr. Steven Faraone. Dr. Faraone was recently acknowledged as the most frequently cited author in psychiatry and psychology in the United States and the world's third most cited researcher in these fields, according to Microsoft Academic Search, a free academic search engine. He has 799 publications and 24,504 citations! The search engine is used by scholars, scientists, students and practitioners to find academic content, researchers, institutions, and activities.

Dr. James Knoll

Our Forensic Psychiatry fellowship Program Director, Dr. James Knoll, is one of the top experts in the field. His leadership positions in forensic and correctional psychiatry have allowed him to practice at the forefront of psychiatry and the law. He is Editor-in-Chief of the Psychiatric Times (www.psychiatrictimes.com), one of the most widely read publications in the field of psychiatry. Dr. Knoll has published some of the most widely referenced works on the forensic psycholinguistic analysis of the final communications of mass murderers. Dr. Knoll has over 120 publications in journals and book chapters.

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