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Joint Seminars for Adult and Child Tracks

In addition to the core clinical activities, interns from both tracks participate together in seminars and conferences throughout the year. These include:

Psychotherapy Seminar (1 hour weekly, all year)

Dr. Greenberg

Interns take turns with audiovisual presentations of ongoing cases. The same case is followed for a period of time ranging from a few weeks to a few months. Issues in psychotherapy are discussed and approaches to therapy are taught that extend and enlarge what is learned during individual supervision. Sessions on ethics and diversity are included.

Theory and Case Formulation (2 hours per week, fall and spring)

Dr. Miller

This reading-intensive seminar with Dr. Miller is devoted to fostering the intern's sophistication and facility with theoretical grounding of the formulation of your clinical cases.  The seminar is divided into the following units: Psychology and epistemology, Phenomenological Case Formulation, Psychoanalytic Case Formulation, and Social Power and Case Formulation.  Readings change each year, but commonly include selections by Leswin Laubscher, Constance Fischer, Ernesto Spinelli, Freud, Lacan, Bruce Fink, and Foucault.  

Identity and Difference (2 hours per week, summer)

Drs. Mbuqe and Miller

We take up diversity issues through the lens of mainstream psychology, critical psychology, post-colonial theory, and philosophy. Readings commonly include texts by Frantz Fanon, Clifford Geertz, Sue & Sue, Linda Martin Alcoff, Stuart Hall, and others.

Ethics (2 hours per week, summer)

Dr. Miller

This seminar subjects the relationship between ethics and psychology to a rigorous historical and philosophical examination.  We seek to push beyond the application of the APA ethics code to an exploration of its philosophical underpinnings, and examine the ways in which psychology’s relationship to ethics has been informed and taken up. Texts have included Calum Neill’s Ethics and Psychology and Pope and Vasquez’s Ethics in Plain English, among others.

Other Opportunities

Department of Psychiatry Grand Rounds (1.5 hours weekly)

Various speakers provide presentations on topics of interest and lead discussion afterward. Speakers from inside and outside of the Department, represent the broad range of behavioral sciences.

Department Sponsored Conferences

A host of conferences are offered within the Department of Psychiatry each year and are available to psychology interns.

In recent years, interns have attended conferences on:

  1. Addictions
  2. Psychopharmacology
  3. Creativity
  4. Issues in Forensic Psychiatry
  5. Time-Limited Dynamic Psychotherapy
  6. Dynamic Psychotherapy for OCPD and Histrionic Personality Disorder
  7. Suicidal Behavior and Co-morbid Disorders

Special Seminars

Special seminars are arranged to cover topics of interest to faculty or interns and are scheduled whenever the need arises. A visiting expert, for instance, in Statistics or Forensic Psychiatry might be invited to lead such a conference.