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Requirements for and Expectations of Participants

  • Master's degree or higher in a field of mental health counseling.
  • License or certificate as a mental health professional through a state or national board which authorizes independent practice. Psychiatry residents may participate.
  • Attendance at all sessions and participation in all didactic and experiential learning. Participation as both a clinician and client is required during practicum sessions.
  • Reading of Shapiro, Francine. (2001). Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing; Basic principles, protocols, and procedures, second edition. New York: Guilford, and other assigned materials.
  • Successful completion of proficiency requirements.
  • Ability to make arrangements and a commitment to use the EMDR method with a number of appropriate patients.
  • Conducting at least two EMDR sessions focusing on trauma with patients, using the trauma protocol, and submitting a written description and analysis of the EMDR process of these two sessions. Also consider a video/audio recording.