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A Little Bit About Ourselves

Mantosh Dewan, MD

Mantosh J. Dewan, MD
Distinguished Service Professor

We are a close-knit Department with a strong commitment to excellent teaching, supervision and clinical care.

Our goals are accomplished through an emphasis on clinical experience. The safety and intimacy of the therapeutic relationship offer the ideal context for understanding despair, irrationality, and madness. In-depth experiences are complemented by at least three hours of intensive individual supervision per week throughout residency training.

We encourage our faculty and staff in their own professional development, through mentoring, protected time, and encouragement of the development of expertise in areas of professional interest.

Part of our mission has always been to further the development of the Department as a community of colleagues, working together cooperatively and collegially for the common good, as well as for individual development.

We work to provide patients of all ages and backgrounds with excellent clinical services for their psychiatric and personal problems by utilizing therapeutic techniques most appropriate to the patients' needs whether biological, psychosocial, or a combination thereof.