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Mission Statement


  • To provide medical students with an excellent introduction to Psychiatry and the Behavioral Sciences, appropriate to their education as physicians.
  • To provide psychiatric residents with excellent training in both the theoretical and clinical skills requisite to the practice of Psychiatry.
  • To provide psychology interns with excellent clinical experiences requisite to their training as clinical psychologists.
  • To provide nurse practitioner interns with excellent training in both theoretical and clinical skills requisite to their training as psychiatric nurse practitioners.
  • To provide clinical social work interns with excellent training in both theoretical and clinical skills requisite to their training as clinical social workers.
  • To provide faculty and the broader mental health community with excellent continuing education experiences, through Grand Rounds, workshops and conferences.

Clinical Care

  • To provide patients of all ages and backgrounds with excellent clinical services for their psychiatric and personal problems, utilizing therapeutic techniques most appropriate to the patients' needs, whether biological, psychosocial, or a combination thereof.
  • To secure the clinical base of patients, for both trainees and faculty, in order to carry out the Department's missions.

Research and Scholarship

  • To engage in active inquiry and scholarship, through the dedication of time, energy and resources to adding to the fund of knowledge on which both theory and practice are based.

Faculty and Staff Development and Support

  • To encourage faculty and staff in their own professional and career development, through mentoring, protected time, and encouragement of the development of expertise in areas of professional interest, congruent with the Department's missions.
  • To provide as fair and generous as possible economic support for faculty and staff, through salaries, other sources of support, and the return of substantial portions of clinical earnings, as appropriate.
  • To recognize academic and related accomplishments with appropriate promotions and academic rank. To reward outstanding performance with economic and/or other incentives.

Department Development and Support

  • To further the development of the Department as a community of colleagues, working together cooperatively and collegially for the common good, as well as for individual development.
  • To further the development of the Department's economic base and stability, in order to carry out all of the other missions.

Department of Psychiatry Faculty Practice (PFP) Mission Statement

  • The Psychiatry Faculty Practice (PFP) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to: educate trainees using a multidisciplinary, humanistic approach to patient care; support innovative research in the field of mental health; and expand and promote community outreach and regional development.

Relationship with SUNY Upstate Medical University

  • To fully support the broad missions of SUNY Upstate Medical University, including teaching, clinical care and research, both as an individual academic and clinical department, and as an active member of the greater Upstate community.
  • To participate fully in the clinical and economic activities of Upstate Medical University, under the auspices of UMAS, the Governing Board, and University Hospital