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PAW at Upstate

Do you want to be a nurse?

Do you want to be a doctor?

Are you an American Indian or Alaska Native future health professional?

If this answer to these questions are yes, join Upstate Medical University and colleges across New York State to prepare or boost your application for your next successful step into a professional program in our annual Pre-Admission Program.

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Applications for our Fall 2023 Event will open early next summer BUT please connect with us with any inquiries at [email protected]

Our program is in partnership with the Association for American Indian Physicians (AAIP), and is intended for native students currently enrolled in, or graduated from undergraduate education.

Past PAW Success

Mission of PAW and Related Programming 

At Upstate, we acknowledge the egregious disparities in health equity across our great nation. In that, we provide formal and funded programming to help prospective applicants from American Indian and Alaska Native backgrounds to successfully apply to a variety of health-professions programs or medical school. With PAW, we provide an experience where students can feel empowered and informed about the many complex processes along the way and provide them access to networking and mentorship opportunities.

PAWS students