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  • Hiscock Legal Aid Society https://www.hlalaw.org/
    • Contact Information: 
      • Senior Legal Assistant, Emily Davies, (315) 218-0196 

Emily would carry out intake and assignment if appropriate

  • Volunteer Lawyers Project of CNY https://vlpcny.org/, (315) 471-3409
    • Contact:
      • Sara McDowell, Esq.

Director of CNY Immigration Program - ONA Legal Counsel CNY

  • Cornell Law’s Clinical Programs:Offer legal assistance to undocumented and DACA students. Generally, this includes DACA renewal, advance parole, and limited work on other types of applications such as asylum. 
  • For DACA-specific inquiries, you can email Professor Jaclyn Kelley-Widmer at jak533@cornell.edu. 
  • For broader immigration questions, you can email immigrationhelp@cornell.edu to reach the group of immigration-focused clinical faculty at Cornell Law.


One of the leading nongovernmental organizations in the U.S. dedicated to advancing the rights of immigrants and new americans

DACA page - https://www.nilc.org/issues/daca/ 

Good place to keep up with latest DACA news and advocacy efforts 


  • Julieta Schiffino: Julieta.Schiffino@suny.edu or 212.364.5823
  • https://www.suny.edu/attend/get-started/undocumented/