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Postdoctoral Training

We offer a comprehensive training program that keeps researchers current with best practices.

Research Administration Seminars

Research Administration Seminars includes a list of upcoming and past seminars, a training video and current information on relevant research topics.

Research Integrity

To ensure that all research at Upstate is performed in a responsible and ethical fashion, an online research education course is required of all Upstate investigators, postdoctoral appointees, students and lab technicians.

The Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) course is a formal ethics educational program offered by the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative.

The course is required of all investigators conducting basic science research, whether they are in a basic science or clinical department. Only researchers who are solely involved in clinical trials are excluded.

  • Certification of completion of the RCR course is valid for four years.
  • Re-certification is required to remain active in research at Upstate.
  • The entire course can be taken at one time, or in individual modules at your own pace.

Register as a new user, or log-in to your existing account if you have one, scroll down to Question 4, and click on "Enroll me in RCR" to access the Responsible Conduct of Research course.

Conflict of Interest (COI) Regulations
To respond to the NIH regulation entitled "Responsibility of Applicants for Promoting Objectivity in Research for which Public Health Service Funding is Sought", SUNY Upstate has established the educational program: Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI). All investigators must comply with the regulation. The definition of investigator includes postdoctoral associates and postdoctoral fellows. The online course is offered by Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative

  • Log into your exiting account or register as a new user
  • Select "Add a course or update your learner groups for SUNY - Upstate Medical University"
  • Scroll down to Question # 6 "Would you like to take the conflict of Interest mini-course?" and select Yes.

Scientific Misconduct Policy
Like all universities receiving funding from the Department of Health and Human Resources (HHS), Upstate Medical University has policies and procedures for handling allegations of scientific misconduct: Misconduct Policy

Conflict of Interest
Upstate has established a new policy designed to address conflicts of interest that arise when employees, faculty and students enter into relationships with pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology industries: Conflict of Interest Policy

Research Compliance

Research compliance committees oversee experiments involving human subjects, animal subjects, recombinant DNA, infectious agents, human blood/body fluids and fresh human tissue, stem cell research and research using ionizing radiation: Research Compliance

Policies, Guidelines and Regulations Governing the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals

Upstate is committed to the highest standards of laboratory animal care, and provides guidelines to our researchers.

The Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects

Upstate policy and federal regulations require review and approval by the Upstate IRB before any research involving humans is begun.

Radiation Safety Training Office

The Radiation Safety Office oversees and manages the safe use of all forms of radiation and radioactive materials on campus to ensure the maximum beneficial use and minimal risk.

Environmental Health and Safety

The Office of Environmental Health and Safety is in charge of providing education, guidelines and compliance with policies and procedures throughout campus.

Other course requirements are dependent upon the type of research you are conducting.
See Research Education and Training Requirements