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Beyond the Doctorate Research Day

This year the Beyond the Doctorate Research Day will be held in-person. On March 1st, postdoc, resident and fellow talks as well as the keynote address will be held from 1:00 - 4:00pm followed by the Poster Session from 4:00-5:30PM.

Schedule of Events

1:00 Welcome
Dr. Mark Schmitt, Dean, College of Graduate Studies
Dr. Mantosh Dewan, President, SUNY Upstate Medical University
1:15 Vortex Approach to Airway Management Pilot Project 
Adrian Proumen, MD (Resident; Anesthesiology)
1:30      Diverging Trajectories of Cytokine Expression During Postnatal Development of the Human Dorsolateral Prefontal Cortex
Rachel Sager, PhD (Postdoc; Neuroscience & Physiology)
1:45 Break
2:00 Increased cervical diameter is associated with failure of sentinel lymph node mapping in patients with endometrial cancer
Birx Nolan, MD (Resident; OBGYN)
2:15 Obesity dysregulates Chromatin response to hypoxia that governs metabolic programming and phagocytosis in macrophages
Kentaro Takahashi, PhD (Postdoc; Pharmacology)
2:30 Regulation of protein phosphatase 5 (PP5) activity and substrate release by phosphorylation and SUMOylation
Rebecca Sager, MD/PHD (Resident; Urology)
2:45 Break
3:00 Keynote
Kathryn B. Anderson, MD, PhD CTropMed
Commissioner of Health, Onondaga County Health Department
Associate Professor, Department of Microbiology and Immunology; Department of Medicine SUNY Upstate Medical University
4- 5:30 Poster Session
4:30 Reception begins

1:00 Welcome -

1:15  “”
1:45 Break