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Postdoctoral Fellow Appointment Process

Postdoctoral Fellow

Non-clinical fellowships provide support for academic study and/or fellow-initiated research. Fellowships which provide non-wage payments administered by the Research Foundation on behalf of SUNY may only be used for scholarly study or research by faculty members, post-doctoral scholars, and undergraduate and graduate students at a SUNY campus or at other locations in conjunction with SUNY academic programs. Fellows are not considered employees of the University. Payment is provided in the form of a stipend provided to support the fellow and does not require any specific service to the University. Stipends are not considered compensation for services rendered.

Fellowship costs are allowed only on those contracts or grants where the sponsor allows such costs. Please contact the Sponsored Programs Administrator at 4-4666 or the Sponsored Programs Assistant at 4-4228 in Post Award to verify that a fellowship appointment is allowed on the grant.

It is important that the appointing department and faculty mentor/supervisor follow the process as outlined below in order to determine the appropriateness of appointing and individual as a fellow in accordance with sponsor guidelines.

Step 1:

  • Complete Fellowship Appointment Questionnaire
  • Leave at least two weeks time for review and processing [If the fellow will require non-immigrant J-1 status, submission to the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies should be at least 6 weeks prior to start. The requesting department must contact the Graduate Medical Education Office at 464-5861 to also complete a Request for Form DS-2019 ]
  • Attach Biographical Sketch or CV, with copy of Training plan from application or grant, to the Questionnaire
  • Submit Questionnaire and Attachments to: Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, Room 3114, Weiskotten Hall for approval by Dean of the College of Graduate Studies

Step 2:

  • The Fellowship Questionnaire and the identified incumbent's background will be reviewed against the fellowship criteria as outlined in Campus Policy CAMP B-18
  • If fellowship appointment is approved, Dean of the College of Graduate Studies will notify the requesting department. If the fellowship appointment is denied, the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies will notify the requesting department, who may wish to contact Human Resources to discuss other options, if available.

Step 3:

  • Project Director's Department completes online Academic Fellowship Appointment Form through Self-Serve/Applications/RF Forms, attaching pdf of approved Fellowship Appointment Questionnaire.

Step 4:

  • Once PI and Accounting approves online Fellowship Appointment Form, Research Payroll will alert the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies that the online Academic Fellowship Appointment Form is ready for his approval.

Step 5:

  • After completion of all steps, the requesting Department must send the Fellow to the Human Resources Office for completion of additional paperwork and then Payroll for issuance of an ID badge.
  • Fellow will acknowledge that no service is required in consideration of the stipend provided by the award and that the fellow is subject to the University's academic policies applying to fellowship recipients.
  • Fellow will accept the Patent Waiver and Release Agreement as a condition of the academic fellowship award.
  • Questions regarding the Fellowship Appointment Process? Please see "Appointing Fellows through the Research Foundation" pdf above, or contact Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, under the College of Graduate Studies, at 4-4542.