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Podium at SNADD event

SNADD Media Advisory at Covanta

Recently, a media advisory was held at Covanta’s Jamesville headquarters to call attention to the SNADD (Sharps, Needles and Drug Disposal) Program, Onondaga County’s safe medication disposal initiative. Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney and District Attorney, Bill Fitzpatrick were invited speakers along with Kathleen Carroll, Covanta and Dereth Glance, OCRRA commenting on the importance of safe medication disposal.

It was noted that 10 local police departments in Onondaga County and 2 colleges, OCC and SUNY ESF collect medication from the general public on an ongoing basis during regular business hours. Many of the sites also collect sharps as well (see link below)

Container full of disposed sharps

200 lb. of meds, representing the average, monthly total collected from the 12 sites in Onondaga County

To date, the program has collected 4,080 pounds of medication; thereby, reducing the availability and the accessibility to dangerous drugs in our homes and on our streets.

Monthly, investigators from the District Attorney’s office collect meds at each participating site and then take them to the Covanta plant for incineration.

For more information about the SNADD program and to find the lists of collection sites for both sharps and meds in the county visit: http://upstate.edu/poison/news/snadd.php