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March is Poison Prevention Month

Poison Prevention Month

      Discover the Upstate New York Poison Center

      The poison center is available 24/7/365 to take your call when...

      Keep Your Family Safe From Medicine

      Keep Your Family Safe From Household Hazards

For 'Keep Your Family Safe' materials please review:

      Watch Our 'Keep Your Family Safe' Video
      Hear from an Upstate New York family who lost a child after an unintentional

      Poison Prevention Tips

      Medication Safety Brochure

      Take Action
      Find ways you can take action now and help make sure your family and other
      families stay safe for years to come

      Teachers' Guide
      Lesson plans, activity sheets, poison safety checklist and other information to 
      teach about poison safety

      Teaching Tools Website

      Both current and archived for articles and information about poison safety

      American Academy of Pediatrics