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Dr. Vince Calleo with pediatric patient


The majority of poisonings throughout the nation, involve children 5 and under.

Children are naturally curious. It is their way of learning about the world around them. Unfortunately, children tend to put things in their mouths, even if they don't smell or taste good.

It is easier to dial 1-800-222-1222 than to search online during a poison emergency.

Call our poison center for an accurate response to your poison question!

How Do Poisonings Happen?

Most poisonings are unintentional. They often occur...
  • When a product is in use
  • When a product is taken out of the original container
  • When the product looks, smells or tastes good to a child

Poisoning Facts

Of calls to our poison center for children 5 and under...

  • 39% of calls involve this age group
  • 90% do not require a visit to a doctor or hospital
  • 17% are for information only

Poison Prevention

  • Take time to add our number in your phone = 1-800-222-1222
  • Remember calls to our poison center are fast, free, and confidential
  • Check out our free Children's Resources for songs, fun pages, and a poison prevention checklist
  • Look-alike Teaching Tools are available for teachers, daycare providers, and caregiver groups interested in poison prevention