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If you have any questions or concerns about a poison case or toxicology issue, our staff is available 24 hours, 7 days at week:

The staff of the Upstate New York Poison Center consists of:

  • Medical and Clinical Toxicologists
  • Poison Information Specialists
  • Public Education Specialists
  • Support Staff


Clinical and Medical Toxicologists

Poison Information Specialists

  • Donna Benjamin, RN, CSPI
  • Cindy Bichler, BS, RN, CSPI

  • Curtis Blow, Pharm.D., SPI

  • Michelle Carnicelli, RN, CSPI
  • Luanne Dockstader, BS Pharm, CSPI
  • Michelle Dougherty, BS, RN CSPI
  • Jean Gannon, BSN, RN SPI
  • Kathy Groff, RN, CSPI
  • Stacey Lukacs, BSN, RN, SPI
  • Margaret Maher, MS, RN, CSPI
  • Sue McFarland, BSN, RN, CSPI
  • Lisa Phillips, Pharm.D., SPI
  • Christine Pikor-Gunther, RN, CSPI
  • Laurie Piwinski, RN, CSPI
  • Robert Seabury, Pharm.D., BCPS, DABAT, Clinical Pharmacist
  • Antonia Scollan, MSN, RN, SPI 
  • Sarah Soliman, Pharm.D., CSPI
  • Kimberly Sorts, BSN, RN, SPI
  • Salvatore Spinella, BSN, RN, CSPI
  • Cody Unczur, BSN, RN, CSPI
  • Greg Voccola, BS Pharm, CSPI

* CSPI Certified Specialist in Poison Information

Public Education

  • Jennifer Coyle, MS, BS, Public Education Outreach
  • Mary Beth Dreyer, MS, Ed, Public Health Educator (Western New York)

Administrative Support

  • Lauri Foster-Walters, Administrative Assistant
  • Darlene Marko, Administrative Assistant
  • Jessica Smith, Project Coordinator


  • Allison Mirabito, MA, BJ, Marketing and Community Relations Coordinator
    • For media inquiries: MirabitA@upstate.edu