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The Neuropsychology Assessment Program began in September 2005, when Dr. Carone was hired by Dr. Brian Rieger, who is the director of the Rehabilitation Psychology program.

The Neuropsychology Assessment Program was originally formed out of a need to provide comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations to patients in the (Concussion Management Program).

However, there were also many referrals from various hospital departments and the health care providers in the community. Thus, the Neuropsychology Assessment Program has actually always been focused on providing comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations to patients from diverse populations.

In February 2007, the first two research presentations from our program were made at a national conference (International Neuropsychological Society). In July 2007, Dr. Quintin Poore joined our staff. In November 2007, the program began a formal research assistantship. This resulted in the presentation of four research projects at the 2008 conference for the National Academy of Neuropsychology. In January 2008, the first student externship experience began through Le Moyne College. This continued in September 2008, with Le Moyne College and a graduate student from the clinical psychology program at Syracuse University. The neuropsychology externship continues to this day, with two slots available per year. On 11/14/08, Dr. Carone achieved board certification status in clinical neuropsychology through the American Board of Clinical Neuropsychology. In September 2009, the third neuropsychologist to our program was added, Dr. Lyndsey Bauer. On 5/31/12, Dr. Poore left the program and we wished him well going forwards.