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The Neuropsychology Assessment Program is firmly committed to continuing education. We currently coordinate two monthly didactic seminars at this time. These include:

Neuropsychology fact finding:

Externs are provided with a few facts about a patient who was evaluated by one of the neuropsychologists and must elicit information about the relevant history and neuropsychological test data through efficient questioning and reasoning to determine the cause of the presenting condition and to describe appropriate recommendations for ongoing care. The case conference is modeled after the fact-finding section of the oral examination for the American Board of Clinical Neuropsychology. Emphasis is placed on the extern demonstrating well thought-out clinical reasoning as opposed to solely focusing on determining the correct diagnosis.

Neuropsychology journal club:

Neuropsychologists and externs rotate in presenting a journal article from any area that is related to the science or practice of clinical neuropsychology. This allows all involved in the journal club to broaden their knowledge base by reading classic papers, exploring the newest research, sharing information to the group about one's specialty area, and exploring new areas of scientific interest.

Other didactic activities:

The Neuropsychology Assessment Program ocassionally brings in nationally recognized speakers (i.e., Dr. Grant Iverson, Dr. Thomas Kay) to present on neuropsychological topics. In addition, we sometimes attend other didactic seminars offered in the hospital such as psychiatry rounds, neurology rounds, or neurosurgery rounds.