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Biofeedback Therapy

Upstate Regional Rehabilitation Centers at Bone & Joint Center
Upstate Bone and Joint Center
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East Syracuse, NY 13057
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Phone: 315 464-6543
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Hours:Mon. Wed. Fri. - 8am-4:30pm; Tues. Thurs. - 8am-6pm

The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department offers biofeedback to treat a variety of medical problems including chronic pain, muscle tension, and headaches. Biofeedback uses a simple and completely painless computer program to allow you to see how your body handles such things as muscle activity, breathing rates and temperature.

Who Benefits from Biofeedback in Physical Therapy?

This program is for men and women of all ages who:

  • Have chronic pain in the back or neck
  • Have chronic headaches
  • Have muscle tension/pain
  • Have pain directly related to stress

What to Expect from Therapy

Biofeedback will teach you how to control body functions such as muscle tension, respiratory rate, and heart rate in order to manage your pain more effectively.

You can expect to work with a therapist who will listen to your problems and discuss your treatment goals. You will receive education regarding your specific problem and biofeedback therapy options. You will be asked to participate with a home program designed to meet your goals.

Preparing for your First Visit

  • Please dress comfortably in clothes that are easy to move in and bring your complete medication list.
  • During your evaluation, a therapist skilled in biofeedback will thoroughly discuss your medical history and previous treatments for your problem.
  • You can expect to perform movements of the low back, arms and legs in sitting, standing and lying positions.
  • Your therapist will then discuss the findings along with your treatment plan and treatment options.

Treatments may include:

  • Biofeedback
  • Relaxation training
  • Education
  • Home-exercise programs

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is biofeedback?
Biofeedback is a pain management tool for patients with chronic pain. It monitors certain body functions such as muscle tension, breathing rate or heart rate with simple, painless technology. Biofeedback acts as a mirror into your body; you will not feel anything from the biofeedback unit.

Do I need a prescription?
Yes, a prescription from your physician is required for therapy. Any physician who provides your care can write this prescription.

Will my insurance pay for this type of therapy?
Biofeedback for chronic pain may be covered by your insurance. Our insurance authorization clerk will assist you in determining your coverage benefits.

What should I wear?
You should wear clothing you are comfortable in which will allow you to easily move.

How long does the appointment take?
You will be asked to arrive 15 minutes early for your first appointment to fill out the necessary paperwork. The evaluation will then take about 1 hour. Your follow up treatment appointments will last from 45-60 minutes.

How often do I come to therapy?
Most people with chronic pain are seen once a week for 4-6 sessions, although this may vary widely. Your therapist will be happy to discuss your treatment schedule at the time of your evaluation and will adapt your program to meet your scheduling needs.

How long will it take to reach my goals?
Each person is different and the severity of your condition can affect the length of treatment. Your therapist will be happy to discuss this question with you at the time of your evaluation.

A physician's referral is required for examination and treatment within this program.