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Inpatient Services

Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation
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University Hospital Services

University Hospital offers many services as part of our very special care.

Patients throughout University Hospital may receive physical and/or occupational therapy services as ordered by their doctor. These services are usually requested when patients have physical or cognitive problems affecting their ability to move around or take care of themselves. If patients are unable to be discharged to home from the hospital, they may qualify for Acute Inpatient Physical Rehabilitation care.

Inpatient Acute Rehabilitation Services

University Hospital has offered expert acute inpatient rehabilitation for over 30 years. The 2 North Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit has 30 beds and admits Adult and Pediatric Rehabilitation patients, from 12 months to over 100 years of age. Our patients receive specialized care by a highly skilled and dedicated team of rehabilitation professionals including nurses, therapists, case managers and board certified physicians.

The goal of the Rehabilitation Team is to help patients become as independent as possible. We assist individuals with overcoming barriers presented by functional limitations in mobility, self care, communication, and cognition. This rehabilitation team includes the occupational therapist, physical therapist, speech therapist, rehabilitation therapist, board certified doctors, case management, social work, and nurses.