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Stroke and Young Stroke Rehabilitation


The stroke program and the University Hospital Rehabilitation Unit provides comprehensive rehabilitation services and medical management to individuals who have experienced a stroke.

The team works with the patient on such issues as:

  • Cognition
  • Swallowing
  • Eating
  • Communication
  • Physical Movement
  • Self-care

Young Stroke

Stroke occurs in younger as well as older adults. The case of stroke in younger individuals varies and includes some causes less commonly seen in older individuals.
Young individuals who have suffered a stroke have distinct needs and priorities for their recovery compared with older adults.

Their focus is naturally on independent physical mobility and self care, but also on returning to their roles as care giver for their family members, school, work (as appropriate), community obligation and leisure activities.

The team works together with the young stroke patient and family members to help the patient develop and reach goals for returning home.

Patients are able to continue in our Outpatient Comprehensive Stroke Program once discharged from the hospital or rehabilitation.