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Margaret A. Turk, MD

Margaret A. Turk, MD
Vice-Chairman, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

SUNY Distinguished Service Professor

Co-Editor-in-Chief, Disability and Health Journal

Dr. Turk’s research has spanned study of many aspects of disability and rehabilitation. Recent research has been focused on the health of people with a variety disability conditions, identifying differences and disparities in health and health care. Topics addressed include: disparities in case-fatality rates for people with intellectual and developmental disability (IDD) during the COVID-19 pandemic, cause of death of people with IDD compared to the general population, opioid use among people with longstanding disability, the importance of health promotion for people with disability, and systematic search methods exploring health conditions and practices of people with disability. Additional work has been directed to integrating disability in medical school curricula, with development of peer-reviewed learning modules and establishing the need for appropriate evaluation of content and methods.

Research and Publications

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