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Each resident is assigned inpatient service responsibilities for approximately 4 months of each year. This permits adequate time for ongoing outpatient and educational activity. With increasing experience, residents are provided progressive responsibility throughout the full 3-year program.

Our inpatient rehabilitation facility (IRF) provides comprehensive care to patients with very high levels of care acuity and medical need, and includes all ages, pediatric to geriatric. A unique outpatient clinical aspect is the Continuity Clinic. Residents are expected to follow the patients discharged from their inpatient service for the full period of their residency. This provides essential experience to residents in the natural course of recovery, difficulties of transitioning to community living, challenges of prescription and management of community services, typical secondary conditions and morbidities, adjustment issues and other aspects to new onset disabilities and impairments.

 Service assignments are evenly distributed between those with inpatient responsibilities and those with outpatient, elective or research objectives.  Musculoskeletal medicine is integrated within the IRF and skilled nursing facility rehabilitation experiences and the VA SCI/D Center rotations, as well as in defined outpatient settings.  Routine outpatient rotations include spine and musculoskeletal clinics, procedural clinics (e.g., injections, acupuncture, electrodiagnosis, cooled radiofrequency ablations, botulinum toxin injections, pump refills), concussion/brain injury program, pediatric rehabilitation, spinal cord injury programs, and prosthetics clinic. At present there are up to five months of elective time for residents to focus on areas of interest, hone their skills, and participate in clinical research. Each elective requires learning objectives, to be approved by the program director, with an expectation of evaluation by the elective mentor. Common choices for electives are Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, Pain Medicine, Rheumatology, Radiology, Anatomy, Neurology, and Neurosurgery.


There is no in-house call in our program; call is taken from home by beeper. Call on all rotations conforms to New York State Code 405 regulations and the new ACGME standards.