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Resident Life

  • Image of a young man being held up in a horizontal position by four young women who stand behind him, all dressed for a summer cocktail party. Everyone in the photo is laughing.
  • Image of a diverse group of eight people in their twenties, sitting at a booth in a restaurant with glasses of water, turning to smile at the photographer.
  • Image of a diverse group of young adults, dressed for a summer cocktail party, posing for a group photo on an outdoor deck
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Salary and Benefits 

Vacation/Comp Time
3 weeks (15 working days) per year
Compensated Time off earned if working a holiday
Maternity Leave, 6 weeks paid
For more details about benefits, please visit the GME website at https://www.upstate.edu/gme/

Salaries for 2021-2022 
PGY 1- $56,263
PGY 2- $60,498
PGY 3 - $63,310
PGY 4 - $65,905

Research and Away Conference Sponsorship
Full reimbursement for flight and hotels if accepted to a conference, requires approval by program director prior to submission

Upstate PMR Residency Testimonials

“Upstate is helping me reach my career goals by giving me a wide range of exposure to all aspects of rehab.  I am finding I enjoy aspects of rehab I was not exposed to previously and feel I will have a good knowledge base on graduation.”

“Great clinical experience with a variety of settings and with a variety of patients”

“The program is very balanced, exposing the residents to both the breadth and depth of PM&R.  There are plenty of resources available to pursue research and conferences.” 

Recent Graduates

  • Pain Management Fellowship at Emory University
  • Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Fellowship at Spaulding Rehab (Harvard)
  • Pain Management Fellowship at USF
  • Pain Management Fellowship at University of Miami
  • Pain Management Fellowship at Albany Medical Center
  • Pain Management Fellowship at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
  • Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine at University of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
  • Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine at National Children’s Hospital