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COVID-19 Response

Continued Comprehensive In-Person Care

Central New York hospitals were required to cancel all elective admissions and procedures in March, 2020. Because of the focus on the NYC surge, there was limited testing and PPE available in the area. Upstate Medical University Hospital and services were leaders in providing acute and chronic care, and contributing to the science-base about the pandemic and responses to it. The Upstate PMR response to COVID-19 is detailed below. 


 PM&R Consult and therapy services continued to evaluate patients with new onset disability in the acute hospital, including those who tested positive for COVID-19, to progress activity and determine rehabilitation needs

residentcomputer Utilization of Telehealth

IRF (both Downtown and Community Hospital sites) continued active comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation services; modifications to allow family support

Progressive increase of outpatient face-to-face physician and therapy services, with adjustments to regulations by location and process changes

Early adopters of telehealth, both visual and phone (recognizing limited electronic capabilities of some patients) 


Research and publications

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