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If you are having any difficulty accessing the documents for the "Required Readings" in the modules, try accessing them through these links. If you are still having trouble, please contact the webmaster, whose information is listed below.


Module I: Establishing a Foundation for Access, Interaction and Mutual Understanding 

Slide 14 - CDC Disability and Health Data System: State Profiles

Slide 23 - ADA Quick Tips Tax Incentive

Slide 26 - ADA Checklist for Existing Facilities

Slide 27 - Site Usability Checklist

Slide 28 - Standards for Accessible Medical Diagnostic Equipment (MDE)


Module II: Recommendations for Physical Examination & Clinical Management

*No links or required readings*


Module III: Encouraging Partnerships Between Patients with Disability and Physicians

Slide 6 - Social Model of Disability Briefing

Slide 35 - A Blueprint for Improving Access to Primary Care for Adults with Physical Disabilities