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Goals of the SIRC

Goals of the SIRC include:

  1. To develop novel nanotrap therapies for sepsis and critical illness treatments in clinically-relevant animal models;
  2. To stimulate collaborative and translational research projects for multiple PI grant applications and center grant applications;
  3. To elucidate the mechanisms of inflammation control and  precise immune intervention to prevent organ dysfunctions and disease progression in critical illness through multidisciplinary collaborations;
  4. To develop and demonstrate new therapeutic technologies for commercial development and technology transfer through cultivating startup and spin-off companies;
  5. To perfect protective ventilation strategies that will protect or treat the lung with or at high risk of sepsis-induced ALI;
  6. To initiate clinical trials at Upstate to test the nanotrap and protective ventilation approach for sepsis and critical illness treatments with a long term goal to reduce both mortality and morbidity of septic patients.