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Research Lab of Yamin Li PhD

Yamin Li PhD     Yamin Li PhD

The main goal of the Li lab is to design and synthesize new lipid materials for the delivery of small molecule drugs, proteins and peptides, and nucleic acids for therapeutic applications. The knowledge and tools in chemistry and nanotechnology will be applied to fabricate lipid nanoparticles with new structures and properties. Both the fundamental science and pharmacological applications of these lipid-based drug delivery systems are being investigated.

Specifically, our fundamental studies focus on the structure-activity relationship of lipid nanoparticle-based drug delivery systems. We are investigating how lipid carriers with different structures interact with cargo molecules (carrier-cargo interactions) and how the delivery systems interact with the biological systems (nano-bio interactions). Our translational research applies new perspectives obtained from the fundamental studies and develops safe, specific, and efficient lipid-based drug formulations for human diseases prevention (through vaccine delivery) and treatment (through drug, protein, and gene therapies). We are particularly interested in developing new lipid nanomedicine for the treatment of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases, and neurological disorders.

Research Interests

Nanomedicine, lipid nanoparticles (LNPs), drug delivery, gene therapy, and genome editing.

Research Publications

View Dr Li's publications on Google Scholar.