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Veronica Singh

Veronica Singh

Email: [email protected]

Veronica is a graduate student in the Pharmacology PhD program. Prior to joining the Auerbach Lab, she earned her BS in Biology from SUNY Oswego in 2019 where her research focused on the interactions between complement proteins in a bacterial model. She is now working on determining the lowest threshold for inducing a seizure in a Long QT Syndrome rabbit model with a long-term goal of mapping out a timeline for the series of events leading up to SUDEP.

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Veronica talks about the lab's research

Biomedical Sciences Retreat, 2022

Veronica in front of her award winning poster
Veronica with her first place award winning poster from the 2022 Upstate Biomedical Sciences Retreat

Accepted Students Day, 2023

Veronica presents her work to newly accepted students
Veronica presents her research to newly accepted graduate students

Charles Ross Research Day, 2023

Veronica presents her work at Charles Ross Research Day
Veronica presents her research at Charles Ross Memorial Research Day

Accepted Students Day, 2024

College of Graduate Studies - Pharmacology

Veronica's Cat, Val

Veronica's cat, Val