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Laura Williams

Laura Williams

Email: [email protected]

Laura is a second year medical student at SUNY Upstate Medical University who is pursuing a year of full-time research in the Auerbach laboratory. Laura earned her BS in Biochemistry from SUNY Geneseo with minors in Spanish and the Edgar Fellows Honors College. At Geneseo, Laura enjoyed conducting microbiology research and produced an extensive honors thesis on her findings. She now aims to further build on her past research, and ultimately develop a foundation in experimental study design, analysis, and interpretation. Laura hopes to strengthen her understanding of how she can use basic science research to contribute to the medical community in her future career as a physician-scientist.

Laura will study the expression and activity of compensatory ion channels in Long QT Syndrome Type 2. Her work will contribute toward developing a comprehensive assessment of the implications of LQT2 in the brain and heart. Her interests in medicine are diverse and inclusive; while she is not sure yet what she will pursue, she does have a particular interest in the field of surgery.

In her free time, Laura enjoys running, biking, and any water sport. She looks forward to running the Boilermaker Road Race in Utica, NY every year with her family.