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Resident Presentations

These opportunities allow the resident to conduct research in their areas of interest and assert their professionalism in the field.

PL-1 Talks

All interns are required to give a 25-minute conference about a diagnosis or management of a condition of their choosing. Interns work with their advisor to develop their presentation. These presentations start in the second half of the year to give interns time to gain experience and exposure during training.

OPD Conferences

The OPD conference series is a unique feature of our program and is distinct from the academic half day. Conferences are held Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays at 8 AM for residents rotating through outpatient, newborn, primary care skills, and adolescent. Friday mornings are reserved for the resident case conference, where one or more residents present a patient or patient-care related topic from the week.

Morbidity and Mortality

All third year residents present a systematic morbidity and mortality (M&M) conference as part of the grand rounds series on Wednesday mornings at 8 AM. The format of this presentation is highly structured and uses quality improvement methodology to help identify systems errors that led to a poor outcome, and use this information to make recommendations for improvements. Grand rounds attendees (faculty, residents, medical students, and community pediatricians) are invited to participate in interactive discussion of specific cases in order to improve patient care.

Grand Rounds Warm Ups

Each PL-3 presents two Grand Rounds Warm Ups each year. These are a 15-minute presentation prior to the Grand Rounds lecture performed by a PL-3. Residents pick their own topics, and range from case presentations to clinical guideline updates.