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Unique Patient Care Opportunities

In addition to the rotations at the hospitals and affiliated clinics, there are several unique opportunities for residents to take advantage of outside the clinical setting:

Onondaga Nation Clinic

Onondaga Nation Clinic is a unique opportunity afforded to third year pediatric residents on a voluntary basis where they provide health services to a local Native American population located on the Onondaga Nation Reservation. The patients are seen independently by the pediatric resident who staffs the pediatric walk-in clinic once a week during elective rotations. It is an invaluable learning experience and bridge to autonomy enjoyed by many of our senior residents.

International Health Refugee Clinic

The Pediatric International Health Clinic is a refugee clinic that serves refugees from all over the world. These patients present with a unique spectrum of diseases and conditions that are not otherwise encountered on a routine basis in a typical North American urban setting. Residents rotate through this clinic during the intern year. Residents also have the opportunity to participate in a global health elective during a call-free month in their PL-3 year with further opportunities for elective engagement throughout training depending on individual interests. Our program has a relationship with the Obama Children's Hospital in Kisumu, Kenya. On this rotation, residents serve in a primarily educational role to the students and residents at their hospital.

international rotation in Kenya

Child Abuse Referral and Evaluation (CARE)

The CARE Program provides comprehensive evaluation and treatment to children suspected of being abused or maltreated. The CARE team consists of specially trained and experienced physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses and social workers who work together to assess the social and medical evidence of abuse. The CARE team works closely with community agencies concerned with the welfare of children, including law enforcement, child protective services, Vera House and the McMahon/Ryan Child Advocacy Center.

ENHANCE Services

ENHANCE Services for Children in Foster Care is a multidisciplinary program that provides a wide array of services to children in the custody of Onondaga County Department of Social Services (DSS). Working closely with foster parents, biological parents, and caseworkers, a team of two pediatricians, a child psychologist, a child developmental specialist, nurse practitioners, nurses, and DSS caseworkers advocate for, and provide comprehensive pediatric healthcare, mental health services and developmental assessments to children.

Primary Care Skills Rotation

The Primary Care Skills rotation is a career pathway rotation all interns complete. It is designed for interns to gain new knowledge and skills in the areas of advocacy, global health, and research. It combines in-person and virtual learning experiences. Interns choose their desired pathway near the end of the academic year.