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PL-3: The Third Year

Rotation Schedule
General Inpatient 2 blocks
Pediatric Intensive Care 1.5 blocks
Ambulatory Pediatrics 1 block
Emergency Medicine 1 block
Elective/Subspecialty 3 blocks
Career-focused Rotation 3.5 blocks
Jeopardy 1 block

Our PL-3 year capitalizes on the residents' sharpened skills and places them in supervisory roles. PL-3s lead teams on the general inpatient floor and in the PICU. Further enhancement of skills occurs in the emergency department.

This year is balanced with the opportunity to tailor the curriculum to the residents' career goals. In addition to two blocks of subspecialty training, residents have four blocks of career-focused rotations. This allows the resident to engage in a wide array of activities, including those located in the inpatient, ambulatory, and community settings. Research electives are available to all interested residents and are encouraged for those pursuing academic careers. One subspecialty block is call-free, which allows residents to seek rotations at other institutions.

A unique and rewarding option for third-year residents is the opportunity to participate in a year-long longitudinal experience providing primary care for Native Americans at the Onondaga Nation Health Clinic.