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patient with nurse


While there is plenty of opportunity for self-directed learning, providing fellows with the best educational experience is one of the highest priorities for the fellowship. Our monthly fellows lecture series will be given by various experts in each topic and range from not only medical conditions but also topics such as Transitions of Care, Teaching and Education, QI , Ethics and Legal Issues and Patient and Family Centered Care.

Required conferences include:
Weekly Pediatric Grand Rounds
Monthly Department of Peds Journal Club
Monthly Department of Pediatric Morbidity and Mortality
Biannual Emergency Medicine SIM Day
Biweekly PICU/PHM Mock Code
Monthly Pathology Case Review
Weekly Pediatrics Noon Conference
Weekly General Pediatrics/PHM Board Review
Annual PHM Conference
Annual PHM Fellows Conference

Optional Conferences Include:
PHM Fellows Journal Club
Weekly Pediatric Resident Lectures
Annual PAS conference
Annual AAP conference