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L: Lessons for Faculty and Residents

Lessons for Faculty & Residents

Authors of an article about what makes a great clinical teacher in pediatrics developed the following useful table. This is a good reference point for faculty and residents that are working to improve their teaching skills.

This table highlights key cognitive and non-cognitive attributes of clinical teachers. Use the highlighted links to find materials and resources for the RAFT seminars related to the attributes. We would also like to add: Provides clear and constructive assessments.

Cognitive Non-Cognitive
Is knowledgeable Is enthusiastic
Demonstrates Clinical Skills Is stimulating
Is well organized Is encouraging
Has excellent communication skills Creates a positive learning environment
Provides feedback Models professionalism
Sets goals and expectations Focuses on learners' needs
Provides direct supervision Listens

Source: *Bannister S, et al. What Makes a Great Clinical Teacher in Pediatrics? Lessons Learned From the Literature Pediatrics. 2010; 125: 863.

Pediatric Residents and Faculty Teaching

All residents and faculty are provided with the clerkship objectives and participate in teaching workshops. Residents participate in resident’s as teachers sessions and faculty are invited to an annual preceptor workshop.

All are invited to receive clerkship updates, teaching tips and feedback through the clerkship blog: Peds Points