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Test Tubes


All pathology faculty are involved in investigative studies that vary from basic research to translational research to clinicopathologic analyses and case reports. A wide variety of diseases involving multiple organs are being studied including cancers, benign neoplasms and non-neoplastic or inflammatory conditions.

Faculty Research Interests
Jerrold L. Abraham, MD Environmental and occupational pulmonary diseases; scanning electron microscopy and x-ray microanalysis studies. Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis; gadolinium (Gd) toxicity.
More information
Katalin Banki, MD Molecular biology of autoimmune diseases. The role of transaldolase and the pentose phosphate shunt in apoptosis.
Sylva Bem, MD Histopathology and Immunopathology of malignant lymphomas.
Robert J.Corona, DO,MBA Neuropathology/brain tumor research.Primary Investigator for three grants involving Digital Whole Slide Microscopic Imaging.
Christopher Curtiss, MD Pulmonary Pathology, Lung Cancer, Interstitial Lung Disease.
Gustavo de la Roza, MD Oncological surgical pathology with special interest in breast, urological, and musculoskeletal pathology.
Matthew Elkins, MD, PhD Transfusion Medicine.
Ola El-Zammar, MD Classification of congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation of the lung. EGFR mutation and amplification in adenocarcinoma of lung using gene sequencing, FISH, and immunohistochemistry.
Robert E. Hutchison, MD Pathology of Leukemia and lymphoma; Oncogene inhibition.
Kamal K. Khurana, MD Interventional Cytopathology, pathologic correlation, head and neck cytology.
Scott Riddell, PhD Molecular diagnostics for infectious diseases; antimicrobial susceptibility testing; infection control and molecular epidemiology.
Elizabeth Ruckdeschel, MD, PhD Diagnosi and classification of hematological malignancies and associated disorders; vaccine development.
Paul F. Shanley, MD Mechanisms of renal injury.