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autopsy sample

Autopsy/Forensic Pathology

Robert Stoppacher, MD, Director
Phone: 315 464-4750
Email: [email protected]

Donald J. Jaeger, Technical Director, Autopsy Service
Phone: 315 464-5123
Email: [email protected]

The autopsy service assists both clinicians and family members by performing high-quality examinations that can offer a better understanding of a disease process or answers to clinical questions.

In addition to functioning as a quality improvement resource for the medical university, the autopsy service provides educational opportunities for pathology residents, medical students and staff physicians. Autopsy examinations are performed under the direction of board-certified forensic pathologists at the Onondaga County Medical Examiner's office. Neuropathology consultation is available to complement the autopsy examination and for inquiry into specific neurologic conditions such as Alzheimer's Disease.