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Preparations for Transport

Service Standards

  • STAT - Pickup within one hour for locations in the City of Syracuse.  Inclement weather and locations outside of the city may result in additional response time.
  • Urgent/STAT - Pickup within 2 hours
  • Urgent - Pickup within 4 hours.   
  • Routine - Pickup before the end of our business day.
  • Scheduled .  We work directly with our customers to create a schedule based on your office hours and specialized needs. To set up scheduled service please contact Courier Dispatch at 464-5227.
  • Will Call - customers that do not require service every day will call Courier Dispatch when they need to schedule a pickup.

Preparation for Transport

  • Each envelope, box, and package must be securely closed to prevent contents from falling out. 
  • Protected Health Information and other sensitive documents should be in a sealed envelope or package.
  • Each item must be clearly labeled. 
  • Any hazardous materials or items requiring special handling must be clearly marked.
  • Laboratory specimens, pharmaceuticals, and other items that have special temperature requirements should be stored accordingly until picked up by the courier.
    • Frozen - requires dry ice
    • Refrigerated - ice packs are used to keep items cold
    • Room temperature - no ice pack or dry ice
    • Cryoglobulin specimens - will be kept warm utilizing heel warmers

Documentation Requirements

To ensure that your items are delivered quickly and efficiently please provide clear and complete information. Please use an Upstate Courier Services Transport Request peel & stick label whenever possible. Completed labels will ensure we have all of the necessary information. Labels are available at the Community Campus Drop-off desk in the HIM and at the Clinical Pathology Front Desk, room 3700 University Hospital.  Or, call dispatch to have copies sent to you.

The recipient's department, address or building name, and room or suite number are essential. Department and building alone are not sufficient. For example, an envelope marked "Peds - POB" could be delayed since there are 6 pediatric clinics in the POB.  The correct suite number will ensure prompt delivery.

Shipping from Community Campus

When an item is going to a location other than University Hospital - Downtown, please call Dispatch in advance so we can make arrangements for delivery

Special requirements for laboratory specimens

  • Each specimen tube or container must be clearly marked
  • Place specimens in a sealed plastic biohazard bag
  • Insert documents into the pouch on the outside of the biohazard bag
  • Attach completed Courier Services Transport Request Label to a paper bag, insert specimens, staple top.