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Services Provided

Services Provided by Upstate Courier Services

  • Transportation of laboratory specimens from Upstate practice sites and outside clients to University Hospital laboratories.
  • Delivery of specimen collection supplies and laboratory requisitions.
  • Transportation of reports, documents, supplies, and other small packages:
    • between the Downtown and Community Campuses.
    • from Upstate offices to outside locations (i.e.: courts, attorneys' offices, Dept. of Health)
    • from University Hospitals (Downtown and Community) to other Upstate facilities.
  • Med/Surg equipment between UHCC and 550 Harrison Center and Sterile Processing
  • Pharmacy STAT deliveries

Services NOT Provided by Upstate Courier Services

  • Transportation of boxes to/from Medical Records and Record Storage
  • Deliveries from Central Stores
  • Supplies and equipment to/from the Ainsley warehouse
  • Any items that are not related to patient care, education, research, or the operations of Upstate Medical University
  • Transportation of currency in any form
  • Letters to employees regarding disciplinary actions or employment termination
  • Any situation that Courier Dispatch considers dangerous or inappropriate for our drivers.