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Upstate Courier Services

The Upstate Courier Services department provides secure, reliable, and timely transportation of laboratory specimens, supplies, documents, pharmaceuticals, and critical patient care items for Upstate Medical University practice sites.


Courier Dispatch: 464-5227

  • Al Sauer, Courier Services Manager  315-464-3281
  • Norb King, Courier Dispatcher 315-464-4096

The Courier Dispatch line is answered 24/7. Calls received in the evening, overnight, or on weekends and holidays are handled by the Core Laboratory staff.


Our couriers provide pickup and delivery for hospitals, clinics, physicians' offices and most UMU departments within Onondaga County. We utilize outside courier companies for long distance trips. These companies have been thoroughly vetted to ensure that our customers are always receiving professional, reliable service.

Our location listing shows the offices with scheduled, daily service as well as our Will-Call coverage areas.

Outbound from University Hospital Downtown

Bring sealed boxes, bags, envelopes, etc to the Courier Office, University Hospital Room 3713.

Each package must be properly labeled with the delivery building and suite number and the name of the person or department sending the item. Labels are available in the Courier Office.

Outbound from Upstate Community Hospital

Call Dispatch at 464-5227 to make arrangements for pickup.