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in Environmental and Biomedical Samples

Particle Analysis in Environmental and Biomedical Samples
Contact: Jerrold L. Abraham, MD, Director
Email: [email protected]

Andrew Hunt, PhD, Associate Director (1989-2002)
Currently at University of Texas, Arlington
Email: [email protected]

Location: The Environmental and Occupational Pathology Division
Department of Pathology
College of Medicine
SUNY Upstate Medical University
Syracuse, NY 13210

The Technique

Analytical electron microscopy is an established technique which facilitates identification, characterization and quantification of particulate materials not easily characterized using other methods. Many years of experience with both operator controlled and automated analyses of particles in both environmental and biomedical samples makes ours a unique resource laboratory for research and diagnostic investigations.


Some proven applications of the technique are:

  • Atmospheric particle source apportionment studies
  • Tracing the sources of turbidity in drinking water
  • Identification of fugitive smelter dusts
  • Depositional histories in terrestrial sediments
  • Analysis of marine and freshwater sediments
  • Characterization of lead in house dust
  • Size distribution of industrial powders
  • Quantification of lung dust burden
  • Particle deposition on crop surfaces
  • Soil lead solubility studies
  • Analysis of particles in ice
  • Gun-shot residue studies
  • Identification of foreign materials in tissues
  • Indoor and outdoor air pollution studies
  • Forensic/medical-legal investigations
  • Workplace/industrial hygiene studies
  • Pneumoconiosis research (asbestos, silica, etc.)