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Parkinson's Disease Study

Help us learn how to better diagnose Parkinson’s disease at an earlier stage and help providers better monitor treatments.  If you have recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease please sign up.

About the Study

“Molecular and functional biomarkers of Parkinson’s disease” is being performed by Drs. Frank Middleton, Dragos Mihaila and Christopher Neville in the departments of Neuroscience & Physiology, Neurology, and Physical Medicine. The study is funded by Motion Intelligence, Inc. The purpose of this study is to help identify molecules in the saliva, called microRNAs, which can serve as biomarkers for Parkinson’s disease. By finding microRNA markers with higher levels in Parkinson’s patients, we may be able to diagnose this disease at an earlier stage and also improve our understanding of the disease.

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Can I be in the study?

Any adult with a recent diagnosis of Parkinson's disease will likely meet the criteria to participate in this study. Also, the healthy adults without the diagnosis of Parkinson's can participate as controls.

What is involved in the study?

A doctor will ask each participant to perform a brief series of neurological tests, in addition to cognitive and balance tests. A small amount of saliva will then be collected in order to measure microRNA.  

Will this study help me?

This study will not directly benefit you.  But, the results of this study may help us to understand some of the causes of Parkinson’s disease and help us to improve our diagnosis and services to those with Parkinson’s disease in the future. 

What does it cost to participate in the study?

There are no costs to you for any of the tests involved in this study.  For your participation you will be reimbursed a small amount ($25).