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Car Pooling

The university has developed a carpool program that assists employees and students in finding co-workers who might live nearby to join a carpool. By participating in the program, employees would see a savings in their monthly parking fees and other transportation costs.

To apply for a car pool pass, one of the car poolers has to be a current parker. The car pool pass will be valid in the parking lot to which the parker has been assigned. All vehicles that are going to be used must be registered and have a current permit displayed. The parking rate will be determined by lot assignment and the current parkers bargaining unit. If both car poolers are current parkers and have the same parking lot assignment, but are in different bargaining units, the rate would default to the lower bargaining unit rate. If the car poolers are assigned to different parking lots and different bargaining units, the parkers are responsible for choosing the primary parker.

To sign up, all persons who are going to car pool must come in person to apply. There will be a $10.00 refundable deposit for the car pool pass, which works the same way an SUNY Upstate ID works in the readers. The SUNY Upstate ID(s) of the current parker(s) will be deactivated.

Car poolers must work the same shift to be eligible for this option.