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Green Options

Green Options

The following cost-saving and energy-efficient programs support the needs of students and employees:

NYS-Ride Program

NYS-Ride allows eligible New York state employees to pay for certain work-related transportation expenses, such as bus fares, on a pre-tax basis, similar to how some employees pay for health-related expenses, thus providing for additional cost savings. Individuals enrolling in NYS-Ride for eligible transportation expenses, authorize WageWorks to purchase public transportation fare tickets, tokens, etc., directly from one's transportation provider through biweekly pre-tax payroll deductions. After at least two successive paycheck deductions, WageWorks will mail participating employees a pass, fare card, or commuter card. To register or obtain additional information visit the NYS-Ride website, or call 1-866-428-7781 toll free, or view our NYS-Ride PDF.

SUNY Upstate Carpool Program

The SUNY Upstate carpool program will provide employees with another way to save money and energy. While still under development, the car pool program will provide a means for identifying other employees with interest in carpooling. The Parking Office can provide additional information for those interested in sharing a carpool pass among carpooling participants. Enrollment will be through Self-Serve. More information on the car pool program will be forthcoming.

Centro Bus Service

Direct service to SUNY Upstate on Centro from the north and east remains a popular commuter option. 

Bike to Work

Some employees save money, get exercise, and promote green-living by biking to campus. Check the weather report beforehand as biking through precipitation can be difficult. Have a back-up-plan for days when biking is not practical. Here are a few helpful links: