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Specialty Pharmacy Services

Upstate Specialty Pharmacists and Clinical Pharmacist experts are trained in medication management specific to your disease state. These pharmacists and support staff will contact you regularly throughout your therapy on this specialty medication. You may receive outreach phone calls regarding prior authorization insurance approval status, when medications are ready at the Upstate Outpatient Pharmacy, and when refills are due. Pharmacy support staff will contact your physician’s office directly for you, requesting electronic refills of your specialty medications. 

The Clinical Pharmacists are located within outpatient physician’s offices and throughout the Upstate University Hospital and physician’s clinics. With the Pharmacy Team working directly with your physician, we are able to communicate medication updates from our phone calls with you directly to your physician. These phone calls will be another opportunity for you to discuss your medications, side effects, concerns and disease outcomes. 

  • Our Pharmacy Team consists of pharmacists trained to manage specialty medications specific to your disease
  • We can provide education regarding medication storage, administration, monitoring, lab follow up, and ways to identify, minimize, manage, and prevent minor and major side effects
  • Pharmacists are available by phone twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year
  • First dose teaching and administration in your Upstate physician’s clinic is available, when applicable

The Patient Management Program may provide benefits such as managing side effects, increasing compliance to drug therapies and overall improvement of health, when willing to follow directions and compliance to therapy. A limitation of this program is that it requires active patient participation.